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RTS-ZK-S/S-12 $2995Scope Mounting System #1

RTS-ZK-SD $3495
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RTS-ZK-SD $3495

Price per Unit (piece): $3,495.00
A 10% Deposit of $349.50
will be charged when placing your order.

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Integrally suppressed AK-47 in 7.62x39mm. Barrel is 8.5". Suppressor has inconel blast chamber and monocore baffle system.The quietest AK on the market.

Also available with folding stock


***NOTE: Always Verify bullet stability by shooting the test load with the Suppressor core OUT of the Firearm and verify the bullets are not key-holing and making clean round holes in the target! Some loads may not stabilize in the shorter barrels, especially subsonic rounds. You will void you warrenty is the above procedure is not followed***



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