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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a RJF model built on my send in Saiga base gun?

Yes you can, for an S-12 ,deduct $550.00 from the total price and for a Saiga rifle deduct $450.00.


What is the NFA and what is a NFA item?

NFA stands for the National Firearms Act of 1934.    More about the NFA act itself

NFA (often referred to as "Class III" ,but NFA is more Accurate) items fall into 6 Distinct Classes:


  • Machine gun, AKA Full Auto (FA) means more than one bullet per trigger pull
  • Short Barreled Rifles, SBR rifles have a less than 16" barrel or the Over All Length (OAL) is under 26"
  • Short Barreled Shotguns, SBS shotguns have a less than 18" barrel or the Over All Length (OAL) is under 26"
  • Suppressors, AKA Silencers, Cans or Moderators (UK term) are anything that reduces the report of a firearm by a detectable amount.
  • Destructive Devices, a DD is a grenade, bomb, or anything with a bore over 0.50" (Many Shotguns though larger than .50" are exempt due to a sporting clause)
  • Any Other Weapon, an AOW is kind of a catch all and is any NFA firearm that does not fit above. Pen guns , pistol like shotguns (smooth bore pistol) ,or basically things that are guns, that look like something else.


Are NFA items legal?

By Federal law, NFA items are legal but do require proper registration and tax. You will need to check your local and state laws to find out if the NFA item you want is legal in your area. Some states will allow some items but not others. Here is a link to a document containing state laws from the ATF website.

And the BATFE's NFA FAQ.

Where can I find a NFA dealer in my state to help me facilitate my transfer?

This site has an excellent listing of frequent NFA dealers with feed back!

NFA dealer Listing.

Operational Tips for the Saiga-12

1. General:

You will find that the parts used to assemble each Saiga-12 vary greatly from gun to gun. Your gun may or may not cycle the same ammo that works fine in your buddy's gun. One gun may cycle fine with the same ammo on gas setting 1 that requires setting 2 in another gun. Many of the guns have miss-drilled gas ports that do not line up with the gas block. If you have a Red Jacket Saiga-12, the gas ports have been modified as required to allow sufficient gas to the piston in order to cycle the action.

2. Gas Adjustment:

There is a gas regulator knob in the front of the gas block, marked "1" and "2". The "1"setting is for heavy loads and the "2" setting is for light loads. To adjust the setting, depress the small detent in the 7-o'clock position and turn the regulator to either 1, or 2. Keep the regulator screwed into the gas block as far as possible when moving between selections, i.e., screw it in completely and then back it out to the desired setting. DO NOT FIRE YOUR GUN ON SETTING NUMBER 2 WITH HEAVY LOADS! You will beat the back of the dust cover in; until it is so short it will begin popping out of the track in the front. I will no longer Warranty this condition if you damage your gun in this manner. When switching to new ammo, always put the regulator on "1" and test fire. If it does not cycle, THEN put it on "2".

3. Trigger Reset:

If your trigger is failing to reset, it is most likely due to one of the return spring legs falling off the trigger during shipping. Remove the top cover and insure both hammer spring legs are resting on top of the trigger bars.

4. Ammunition:

Most Saiga-12's will cycle 1-1/8oz ammunition. This does NOT apply to our combat engineered SBS-12's which do require a 1 1/4oz shot weight to maintain it's designed reliability for a combat environment. I do not recommend firing any of the super light 1oz shells. The very best cheap, light, birdshot ammo is Winchester WW, Super Sport, or Super Handicap. It runs about $5.50 per box and cycles Saiga's like a champ. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIRE WINCHESTER "UNIVERSAL" AMMO SOLD AT WALMART. YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS. The S-12 does not work with this ammo, please try another ammo in your gun. Any high base heavy loads should work fine in all guns, including buckshot, slugs, and steel shot waterfowl ammunition.

5. Muzzle Brake:

If you have a Tromix Shark brake installed on your 18" gun, you should experience about a 15% reduction in felt recoil with only a slight increase in muzzle blast. Guns utilizing the RJF MOJO brake with experience a recoil reduction of over 35% and almost full control of muzzle rise. If you have the brake on an 8" SBS, the back blast will be substantial, and when firing heavy magnum loads, the fire ball may be so severe that it curls back over your forward hand. Burned hair may result. Gloves are highly recommended.

6. Cleaning:

Depending on the type of ammunition you are firing, your gas piston may get fouled to the point of malfunction after 200 rounds or 2,000 rounds. To clean, unscrew the gas regulator completely and remove. Remove the top cover and bolt carrier assembly. Using a long shaft, slide it through the gas tube from the rear and knock out the gas piston (puck). Then thoroughly clean inside the gas manifold, clean the piston, and reassemble.

7. Buffers'

DO NOT INSTALL A RECOIL BUFFER IN YOUR SAIGA-12 SHOTGUN!!!!! With a buffer in place, your bolt will barely get rearward far enough to engage the ejector and the bolt will barely clear the case head of the shell in the magazine before going back forward. This will induce all sorts of problems, both feeding and ejecting.

Saiga-12 tips provided with permission from Tony Rumore of Tromix Corp., Thank you Tony, we could'nt have said it better!!


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