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(Baton Rouge, La.)–Red Jacket Firearms, LLC's Response to recent charges and arrests of William M. Hayden.

My name is Joseph Meaux and I am the CEO of Red Jacket Firearms LLC. I became the full time manager of Red Jacket Firearms LLC in 2012. When Red Jacket Firearms became nationally known, the exponential increase in business required a different management group. I’ve been leading the charge to run the firearms manufacturing in that group. The TV show “Sons of Guns” was both a blessing and curse for our companies. TV producers want drama and ratings and that allowed little time for the orderly manufacturing of firearms. When the cameras were off we have been doing everything we could to fulfill our obligations to our customers.

On August 9, 2014, Will Hayden was arrested for allegations of child molestation. The allegations were a bombshell for everyone involved. Red Jacket and Red Jacket Firearms, LLC.  chose to separate from Will Hayden fully and legally, so that we could operate without his involvement. Will has absolutely no remaining ownership or interest in any Red Jacket Firearms entities.

On August 27th, 2014 Will Hayden was taken into custody and charged with Aggravated Rape of a minor child, which is punishable by life in prison without parole in the State of Louisiana. The entire Red Jacket team is shocked by the unfolding events and allegations but we must recognize at the center of this tragedy is a young girl caught up trying to understand as all of us are. The blue text color that you will see a lot, is the constant reminder and represents such.

I am stepping up and making sure that Red Jacket as a whole has the leadership it needs right now more than ever. I am letting you know that starting today, I am taking on the responsibility to assure all involved end up with the best possible outcome. Everyone at Red Jacket Firearms now has a defined goal – to build the best products we ever have and deliver an exceptional value to our customers. We no longer have a TV show or an individual causing any hindrance. We are now free to do the things that we do best – building and developing firearms, all day every day. We are doing what is right for our family, our employees, our vendors, and our customers. Our website will have a new system in place by September 5th to allow customers to track their order in real time and receive feedback, we will have projected delivery dates on custom firearms and we will not be taking orders for accessory items unless they are in stock.

This is a dark hour. Justice will be dealt to those facing judgment. Thankfully the dawn follows for those harmed both personally and professionally. Our hearts and prayers are with those who have suffered through this ordeal. Our team will rise from the ashes to deliver what has been promised.

Joe Meaux, Red Jacket, CEO

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Thank you for visiting Red Jacket Firearms. Here you can shop from our wide selection of custom firearms, stocks, reactive targets and parts. You may also want to visit our other websites to shop for Gear or gunsmithing supplies.



We are working hard to fulfill our back ordered and current orders. We ARE taking and shipping orders on our AR-15 based rifles, Suppressors and Accessories. All of our Rifle and MOJO Shot Gun Brakes are in STOCK!!! We are again taking Custom Firearm orders, Check out the AK and AR based platforms in the rifles section!


Check out the ZK-22 installation Video below!


ZK-22 Information

Check out the ZK-22 Installation Video

And  Installation Manual 

We are very sorry on any delays but we finally have the improved trigger bar manufacturing process in place which has ramped up our production substantially. We now are having these Extruded , so we have a smoother and higher tolerance bar that requires substantially less hand work on our part and no warppage or risk of binding.

We are in full swing assembling ZK-22's and shipping them daily. We have completed shipments on orders from January, and now into beginning of February (which was a Very High Volume month due to SHOT show). We are knocking these out and can't wait for you to have your stock in hand!

When you receive your stock make sure you watch the video, the number one installation error people are making is rotating the cam to tight into the trigger and this is not allowing the factory trigger to reset. You must have some visible air gap between the cam and the Ruger trigger.

Thanks for y'alls continued patience!

The Red Jacket Team





We are proud to announce the release of our two new AR rifles.

The KMP-Basic and KMP-Advanced



RJF ZK-22 Drop in 10/22 Stock
As Seen on the "Zombie Episode",the all new ZK-22 Drop in stock for the Ruger 10/22 Carbine.


Do you have an awesome Idea for the Show? Please send your E-mail directly here. Click on this link to send your ideas.   For interview or media requests contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  Red Jacket Firearms RJF KMP-DI 5.56x45mm AR-15 Carbine Review




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Check out our full line or parts and accessories at:




Stop by and see the all new Red Jacket t-shirts, gear, and exploding targets.
We are located at 9683 mammoth drive, two doors down from Red Jacket Firearms.




Integrally suppressed AK-47 in 7.62x39mm. Barrel is 8.5". Suppressor has inconel blast chamber and monocore baffle system. The quietest battle rifle in the world!




At Red Jacket Firearms, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Every weapon or suppressor we build or customize is completely inspected by our staff armorer and is tested for fit, finish, and function. We want you to be as proud of your purchase as we are of our product. While we are happy to sell you any weapon in manufacture today, we realize that each customer is unique and the source of our success is our ability to tailor any given weapon's system to fit our client's needs.


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